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Best person and lawyer ever

Posted by Sidney

Ashley Daniel,

I am so thankful for Ash and his incredible skills as a lawyer. My situation was so complicated and seemed like it would never end. I was on probation in Orange County and I was granted an interstate compact to the state I lived in. While on probation I was charged with crimes in another state and eventually turned myself into that state. The state I lived in put a warrant out for my arrest and would eventually withdraw the warrant once my probation was transferred back to Orange County and a warrant for my arrest for probation violation.

After working out my current situation it was time to fix my OC probation problem which was a much bigger problem than I had thought. I had a really bad lawyer represent me in my OC case and I did not know that if I violated my probation, I would have to do a mandatory 5 year 4 months. To say my situation was bad was an understatement because it was worse than bad, I thought I was going to spend the next 10 years incarcerated.

I contacted several lawyers in Orange County to help me with my problem and they all said they could not help me. I left a message for Ash and really wasn’t expecting a call back at all but, he called and changed my world. He was kind and not like any lawyer I had ever met before and I will just say this much I currently have 4 lawyers in 4 states. I have 2 paid attorneys and 2 public defenders and to be honest Ash is the best and he even impressed my high-power lawyer and has left an impression on him which I notice today.

After sharing my situation with him he said let me do some research over the weekend and I will get back with you. He also said he didn’t want to charge me anything until he knew if he could help me and I had never heard that from a lawyer before ever. Ash called me the next week and with confidence told me his plan of attack and I was convinced he was going to be able to help me through this and he did.

In one week’s, time Ash had spoken with one of my lawyers, probation officer and district attorney. He also was able to set up a court appearance without me having to attend and was able to have my warrant removed, my probation closed, and my 5 years 4 months sentence run concurrent with the time in the other state.

Ash genuinely cares about his clients and practicing law the right way. I never felt like he was in it for the money or that he was working for the DA. He did his homework, had a plan, executed his plan and was able to get me everything he said in his plan. I forgot to mention when he told me his price, I thought he was going to take my money and do bare minimum. I am working on giving him more money because I feel like I got over on him and it isn’t sitting well with me…lol

If you are in need of a lawyer please look no further than Ashley Daniel, because he is a diamond in the messed-up world of criminal law!

Review originally published on AVVO

Adrian or Julie Testimonial

We are very happy with the turn out of having Mr Daniels as our attorney he was on top of everything an everyone. he made sure we got the best answers to what was best on our behalf. Thank you very much Mr Daniels for the fantastic job you are doing for us. we would highly recommend you to family an friends. God bless.

Review originally published on AVVO.

Sam S.

Great experience with Mr Daniel’s work. His knowledge and dedication toward his clients is remarkable. I strongly recommend this law Firm. one of the most honest Lawyers I ever known.

Review originally published on Facebook.