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Do Warrants Expire In California?

A police officer does not need an arrest warrant to take you into custody. This typically occurs when an officer sees you commit a crime. However, in many cases an arrest is made when there is an arrest warrant. In the state of California, an arrest warrant can be issued by a judge at the request of a police officer. Arrest warrants are issued when evidence is presented by prosecutors or police officials to a judge or following an indictment by a grand jury.

1st and 2nd Degree Burglary

What is the Difference Between 1st and 2nd Degree Burglary?

The California Penal Code 459 defines burglary as breaking and entering a structure with the intent to steal or commit a felony. While most people think of breaking and entering a home as the only type of burglary, a “structure” is considered any building, including a residence, a business, a storage container, or even a tent. Under the law…